Welcome to Integrate Through Movement. My name is Sheri Hoss. I am a licensed Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training instructor and Brain Gym® consultant specializing in neurodevelopmental movement, reflex integration, movement therapy, and educational tutoring.

Neurodevelopmental movement is the cooperative and integrative functioning of our nervous, sensory, and motor systems. Through keen observation and gentle movement, I engage and guide children, teens, and adults in discovering innate, gentle movement patterns that assist in integrating the whole body system – physically, emotionally, and cognitively.

A human being’s dynamic brain and body system is brilliantly designed to continually create and access new neural pathways for movement and learning all throughout our lives.  That is, as long as we continue to move.  Movement is essential for the development, maturation, and integration of the neurological network of our whole brain/body system.  It plays a significant role in integrating our primary motor reflex patterns (primitive reflexes), postural and life-long reflexes and promotes the development of academic skills, performance, and normal life functions.  In this way, movement literally helps to “map” our brain and body system.  The benefits of exploring and experiencing new movement patterns while linking up our whole brain are crucial for building future capacities and new learning, integrating our reflexes, and equally important, for overall physical and emotional well-being.

Experience new possibilities through movement.

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