Sheri Hoss

Education & Movement Specialist

Photo of Sheri Hoss, M.Ed.
Sheri has been involved in education and movement for over 25 years.  She has spent the last 15 years studying and practicing movement education with a variety of specialists from around the world, and became licensed in both Educational and Developmental Kinesiology.  Her trainings include Brain Gym®, Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training, Touch for Health, Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration (MNRI Method), Bal-A-Vis-X (Balance, Auditory, Visual Exercises) and Body, Mind, Centering.  She currently is licensed to teach courses to parents, educators, and therapists in Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training (a neurodevelopmental reflex integration program).

In addition, for her own physical and spiritual development, Sheri pursued and continues to practice and train in other movement therapies including yoga, cranial sacral work, and qigong to add to her understanding of integrating the brain, body, and heart spirit.  “The practice of movement and quieting the mind conveys a renewed sense of balance and integration to my whole being.”

As a credentialed teacher she sees firsthand how some learners find school and learning to be very easy and others need some extra support.  This curiosity and quest steered her to delve into the workings of the brain and how to apply this to her classroom instruction, trainings, and private practice.  Sheri received both her Master’s degree in Gifted and Talented Education and a specialist credential in Reading and Language Arts.  She also has specialized training in Reading Recovery, Early Literacy Intervention, Response to Intervention (RTI), and brain based learning.  She utilized these understandings and knowledge of the brain/body connection as a classroom teacher in grades K-8 in public and private schools, and in a Montessori charter school in northern California.  Sheri later became a literacy coach, intervention specialist, and curriculum support provider working with school districts’ special education and regular education departments, mentoring new teachers and providing professional development to other educators in the Sacramento, Placer and Nevada County regions.

Successfully weaving her knowledge and experience of education, neurodevelopmental movement, and movement therapies, Sheri assists children, teens, and adults in achieving to their highest potential and their hearts’ desires.  She holistically supports where you are and through goal setting, intention, self-discovery, and movement, Sheri guides you in actualizing new ways of being.  Through her trainings and private sessions, she also works with individuals and parents in providing a home-based movement program for themselves or their child.  She teaches and consults nationally and has a private practice in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Nevada City, CA.


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