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girl doing brain gym exerciseBrain Gym® is based on the research that movement is essential for people of all ages and abilities. Children naturally learn through movement. Since the early 1970’s creators, Paul and Gail Dennison, have proven through published articles, and anecdotal and statistical research that “movement is the door to learning”. Movement activates the brain, optimizes learning, and helps to manage stress and anxiety. Their brain-based learning strategies include 26 activities and several balance processes that assist in supporting key sensorimotor abilities, or readiness skills, necessary for physical, visual, auditory, postural, self-regulatory, and social/emotional skills. These skills and abilities are necessary not just in early childhood, but continue to support our optimal growth, wholeness, health, development and creativity all throughout life.

These movements and strategies have been used in a wide range of areas, including schools, preschools and classrooms, in the home, the workplace and by business professionals, in sports and sports training, academics, theatre and art, elder and health care and in private practices such as occupational and physical therapy, special education and special needs, trauma and addiction recovery.

The Brain Gym® techniques, processes and strategies encompass a wide range of components from a larger, well rounded curriculum necessary for licensure, consultants and relicensure in to order to practice or teach Brain Gym’s® brain-based strategies.  Licensure requires a minimum of 250 hours of course study and several case studies. Most consultants have through the years trained in 600-1,000 hours of coursework and continue to study and practice in order to retain their skills. Courses and areas of study include:

  • basic & in depth courses in Educational Kinesiology
  • courses in anatomy, physiology and kinesiology
  • whole brain learning
  • several courses in whole brain vision
  • optimal brain organization
  • play & its relationship to learning & life
  • integrating the senses and early childhood reflexes
  • using Brain Gym® in schools & with special populations
  • movement exploration & dynamics
  • repatterning, reeducation & movement intensives
  • five element theory & in depth kinesiology
  • Brain Gym® teacher practicum
  • balance in business and the workplace

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