Private sessions are available for children, teens and adults. Small group and partner sessions are available for children and teens.

Cost depends on number of sessions, whether sessions are private, group or partner sessions, length of recommended program and whether you are renting a listening program or educational literacy software program for home use.  Estimated cost is all outlined at the consultation appointment.

At Integrate Through Movement our services include a variety of multi-sensory, neurodevelopmental movement and sensorimotor, reflex integration therapies including Rhythmic Movement Training, Integrated Listening Systems (iLs), Brain Gym®, Balance-Auditory-Visual Exercises (Bal-A-Vis-X) and yoga.  At our center, children, teens and adults are assessed and seen for a variety of challenges, including sensory and motor, attention and concentration, ADHD, learning problems and dyslexia, language and communication challenges, delayed language development, Asperger’s, Autism, and Parkinson.  In addition we help adults with injuries, muscle tension and stress that may have reactivated primitive reflexes.  Under the direction of the center’s skilled therapists, each client attends therapy sessions and receives an individualized exercise program.  Some therapy is continued at home individually or with the parent.

Experience and explore new possibilities through our multi-sensory, reflex integration and movement repatterning therapies for children, teens and adults.

Sheri has been providing professional development, in-services and workshops for districts, school groups and community organizations for many years. If you are out of town, Sheri is also available for individual or group private assessments & consultations in your area.  Session fees will vary depending on the travel time and expenses.  To organize an individual or group of private assessments & consultations in your area or professional development, in-services or workshops, contact Sheri Hoss.

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