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Small group and partner sessions are available for children and teens. 

Small group and Partner sessions help defray the cost of individual sessions. When available, I partner children with similar challenges and who can work with another child cooperatively. Both children learn activities, movements and games to play with their partner, and receive some individual attention during the one hour sessions.

Cost for small group and partner sessions depends on the number of sessions, the length of recommended program and whether you are renting a listening program or educational literacy software program for home use. Estimated cost is all outlined at the consultation appointment.

Session location:

Integrate Through Movement
208 Providence Mine Road
Suite 122
Nevada City, CA  95959

We are available for individual or group private assessments & consultations in your area. Session fees will vary depending on the travel time and expenses. To organize an individual or group of private assessments & consultations in your area, contact Sheri Hoss.

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