boy_balanceIndividual, private sessions are available for children, teens and adults.  Sessions begin with an initial evaluation and assessment which spans over two separate one to one half hour visits.  This includes a detailed written report and a one hour consultation with the parents or adult outlining the report findings, recommendations and estimated program cost.

The evaluation and assessment includes:

  • Questionnaire of current challenges in sensory, motor, performance/academic skills completed by the parent or adult.
  • Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) checklist on sensory/motor, social/emotional, and attention/concentration.
  • Primitive and Postural Reflex Checks (neurodevelopmental movement, vestibular and proprioceptive functioning, motor coordination, rhythm and planning).
  • Other evaluations and assessments, as needed, including those given by our licensed Occupational Therapist.

The detailed, written report outlines:

  • Above questionnaire and checklist findings
  • Referral and background information
  • Sensory processing, body awareness, balance and oculo-motor movement
  • Motor development & motor planning (gross motor, fine motor & bilateral coordination)
  • Social emotional regulation & development
  • Visual perceptual skills
  • Reflex integration information & findings
  • Observable strengths
  • Areas of concern
  • Recommendations

From this detailed information, an individualized program will be recommended or referral to other therapies, including speech and language therapy, occupational or physical therapy, nutritional counseling, or play/child therapy.  An individualized program can include one or more of the following:

  • Sessions with a trained movement therapist at our center.
  • An at home program, including hands on learning of movements for home practice and regular follow up sessions at the center.  At home programs can also include the rental of a listening program or educational literacy software program for home use each helping students strengthen fundamental sensory, auditory, visual and cognitive skills that are critical to learning across the curriculum.
  • A combination of both in center sessions and an at home program.

Cost depends on number of sessions, whether sessions are private or partner sessions, length of recommended program and whether you are renting a listening program or educational software program for home use.  Estimated cost is all outlined at the consultation appointment.swing

Evaluation and session location:

Integrate Through Movement
208 Providence Mine Road
Suite 122
Nevada City, CA  95959

We are available for individual or group private assessments & consultations in your area.  Session fees will vary depending on the travel time and expenses.  To organize an individual or group of private assessments & consultations in your area, contact Sheri Hoss.

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