Movement Therapies

At Integrate Through Movement we utilize a variety of multi-sensory, neurodevelopmental movement and sensorimotor, reflex integration movement therapies including Rhythmic Movement Training, Integrated Listening Systems (iLs), Brain Gym®, Balance-Auditory-Visual Exercises (Bal-A-Vis-X), Masgutova Neurosensorymotor Reflex Integration (MNRI) and yoga. Other therapies and educational tutoring include Scientific Learning’s Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant.

Movements and games are playful and fun and are performed in a purposeful way to activate the neurological links needed for future physical, emotional, motivational and academic development. These specific movements are based on the stages of natural, innate child development and the spontaneous, rhythmic movements that infants naturally do during the first years of life. Movements build on each other as sensorimotor patterns develop from simple to more complex. The playful movements and games provide an effective means of stimulating the tactile, proprioceptive (inner awareness of our body) and vestibular (balance) senses and help provide a strong flow of nerve impulses throughout the brain. This stimulation and “linking up” of different areas of the brain aids in establishing muscle tone, regulating our level of activity, and integrating our infant, childhood, and lifelong reflex patterns.

These reflex patterns are fundamental neurological building blocks for all learned movements and the basis of successful developmental, academic, sports and professional skills. They crucially influence the development and enrichment of many creative, cognitive, and intellectual processes as we grow and mature into adulthood. Over time, improvements have been seen in many skills for life, such as balance and coordination, attention span, regulation of inner control, communication skills, vision, hearing, speech, and reading, writing, and math skills.

Experience our multi-sensory, neurodevelopmental movement therapies for children, teens and adults through Sheri’s group classes or private sessions.

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