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Sheri has been providing professional development, in-services and workshops for districts, schools, community groups, and organizations for many years.  As a credentialed teacher specialist and licensed Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training™  trainer and Brain Gym® consultant, Sheri has presented a number of Rhythmic Movement Training courses and movement classes throughout the years.

Sheri has firsthand knowledge of movement education, movement therapy, and brain-based teaching, reading and intervention strategies from her experience teaching and practicing in classrooms, small groups, and private settings.  She has also presented a variety of workshops and classes suited to the needs of the school, group or organization. If you are out of town, Sheri is available for individual or group private assessments & consultations, trainings and workshops in your area.  Session and training fees will vary depending on the amount of training time, travel time and expenses.  Contact Sheri Hoss for more professional development information and scheduling. Sheri’s 2-4 day licensed, approved courses include:

  • Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training & Primitive Reflexes (Level 1)
  • Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training & the Limbic System, Emotions and Inner Healing (Level 2)
  • Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training for Dyslexia, Vision & Reflexes (Level 3)
  • Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training for Children
  • Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training for Exceptional Children (Part One & Part Two)
  • Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training for Chiropractors, OT’s, PT’s, KT’s and Massage Therapists (Part One)

Sheri’s one day workshops and classes include:

  • Brain Gym for Educators & Parents
  • Brain Gym: Dynamic Movements for Seniors
  • Body Balance for Seniors
  • A Multisensory Approach for Sensory, Motor & Reflex Integration (also a 3 hour introductory presentation is available)
  • Developmental Movement Patterning & Repatterning
  • Move To Learn: Classroom & School Strategies
  • Smart Start: Movements to Enhance Learning & Behavior (for preschool & kindergarten teachers)

Small sampling of professional development completed for districts, schools, and community groups:

  • Saddlebrook Senior Center, Oracle, AZ
  • Child Success Center, Santa Monica, CA
  • Cross Therapy Services, Fayetteville, AR
  • Twin Ridges School District, Nevada City, CA
  • Placer County Office of Education, Auburn, CA
  • Fuente Nueve Charter School, Arcata, CA
  • Monitor Elementary School, Springdale, AR
  • Pleasant Ridge School District, Grass Valley, CA
  • Pleasant Ridge School District, Grass Valley, CA (preschool & pre-K teacher training)
  • Montessori Training Center, Shingle Springs, CA (6 years in a row)
  • Nevada County SELPA, Nevada City, CA (3 years)
  • Brain Gym Canadian Institute, Ottawa, Canada (BRMT training)
  • Sierra Montessori Charter Academy, Grass Valley, CA
  • Sierra Montessori Charter PTS, Grass Valley, CA
  • Rio Linda Union School District, Rio Linda, CA
  • Woodridge Elementary School, Sacramento, CA  (3 years)
  • Growing Healthy Children Therapy Services, Inc., Rescue, CA

Comments from professional development participants and organizers:

  • Sheri is very knowledgeable and shared a lot with us.  I had lots of “ah-ha” moments that helped me better understand my students, and how best to get them motivated for learning.  N.D., teacher
  • She is a great instructor who clearly explains, demonstrates and involves participants to actively engage.  This course is great for clinicians who want to assess reflexes, provide RMT and incorporate fun games and activities into their sessions.  It was just what I needed to incorporate into my practice.  Sarah, OTR/L
  • Great info.  I loved your summary slides. I was excited about learning the “why” behind behaviors I see in children I work with in the schools.  LR, Speech/Language Pathologist, CA
  • Wonderful – Thank you.  The best parts were starting with the Brain Gym movements as an activity to get a taste of what we “thought” it was.  Sheri repeated information and helped us integrated the info.  Great energy. Very knowledgeable instructor.  M. A., teacher
  • It is wonderful. RMT seems to be the foundation for where to start with children.  Sheri Hoss is an amazing teacher.  She makes it so easy to understand.  I also enjoyed looking at reflexes on different people. Actually doing the movements and learning together was great.  I loved participating in the activities and experiencing the difference after doing the movements. LS, Occupational Therapist, CA
  • The Level 1 course helped to bring Dr. Blomberg’s book to life.  The experience and actual demonstrations and practice was most helpful and helped to integrate the information. I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to experience a training put on by Sheri Hoss to jump at the chance.  Thank you, Sheri.  I appreciate your calm, consistent presence and your gentle touch.  M.W. MFT
  • Sheri’s anecdotes and stories about how the activities worked or did not work and needed to be modified in the classroom were very helpful. She gave us lots of practice time for the movements and was open to clarification questions and other inquiries.  I appreciated her calm demeanor.
  • Exceptional course!  I feel more confident about my clinical observations and therapeutic interventions.  I have a better understanding of how reflexes are tested and integrated.  It’s definitely a course all OT/PT’s working with children should take.  Christine, OTR/L
  • Sheri’s ability to keep our interest all day was excellent.  Getting physical was the best part and getting a chance to make all the movements as we learned about them was key. M. M. special education teacher
  • This is more extensive than Brain Gym workshops I have previously attended, so I learned more exercises and learned more in depth information overall.  Thank you.  I love the activities on individual color-coded cards.  This is a simple and effective way to make Brain Gym a classroom choice. Sylvia, Sacramento, CA
  • The Level 1 class exceeded my expectations.  It paralleled the work that I have been doing and went deeper into core strategies that will change my life and the lives of others that I work with.  Sheri, you are so knowledgeable.  I loved the way that you integrated practical practice and concrete knowledge into the training.  Your willingness to go above and beyond to support our individual needs was a blessing.  BH, First 5 Humboldt County Mental Health
  • The class surpassed my expectations! I loved the one-on-one work with partners to practice the reflex checks and exercises, and the individualized attention that Sheri provides.  I am delighted with the information and Sheri’s presentation.  I especially appreciated tips for adapting the movements into fun games.  C.B. Occupational Therapist, CA
  • I experienced better sleep and more balance myself after taking this class.  The hands-on experience and practice with the movements, and the demonstrations and pictures of the movements were especially helpful.  This class is so important in understanding the importance of Fear Paralysis and Moro Reflexes and how they affect lifelong success.  Sheri did an amazing job.  Thank you for your grounding presence and warmth.  CB, Occupational Therapist, CA
  • I noticed an active Spinal Pereze Reflex in my own body.  During the class I was able to begin to isolate and improve movement in my thoracic area.  I was also able to visualize the connections between the motor area of the brain, the cerebellum, limbic and prefrontal areas, as well.  This course definitely helped me put words into action and to feel the changes in my own body.  It is life changing.
  • Sheri, your manner and calming enthusiasm was wonderful.  I really liked the hands-on with all the movements, many of them reviewed more than once. I look forward to more classes with you.  My class will benefit from it mañana !
  • I am a 73 year old women and I have been doing Brain-Gym for 7 months. I do it twice a day. In the morning when I wake up and in the evening before I go to bed.  I find that it relaxes me, especially when I go to bed. I also am able to concentrate and remember things much better.  My energy level is greater.  Brain-Gym also helped my allergies with very few headaches and my overall well- being. Thank you Sheri, for showing me how Brain-Gym can help seniors, as well as, youngsters to be more productive. Claudie from Tucson, AZ
  • Sheri is wonderful.  I love her energy and willingness to field questions. I noticed that I am able to see how reflexes really work to prevent progress when they are not integrated.  I see the areas I need to work on and the areas that my patients need to work on as well. CC, Occupational Therapist, CA
  • Take it! Sheri’s a great instructor.  Her organization and information about neurophysiology was wonderful.  I loved the mix of movements with lecture. I learned new ways to check reflexes and some fun games and activities for integrating them.  I received a deeper understanding of the reflexes and the brain/neurophysiology through her class.  SC, Occupational Therapist, CA

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