yoga_boyIn addition to neurodevelopmental movements, I have added yoga movements to my movement therapy

The heart of Yoga is aimed at making yoga movements fun and joyful.  The focus is on yoga postures and other developmental movements, breathing exercises, and simple ways to relax the body and central nervous system.

Yoga is a discipline of movements and a healthy lifestyle, not a religion.  The movements are designed to align the structural body and bones, and to strengthen, stretch and relax the muscles.  As a result, more oxygenated blood can easily flow throughout the body to help tone the nervous system, improve circulation, promote flexibility, and relieve tension.  Regular exercise, including yoga, helps to counteract the stress response and helps develop mental and physical focus and attention, core strength (essential for posture and alignment), flexibility, balance and overall health and well-being.  In addition regular movement, including yoga, improves digestion by increasing circulation, promotes the development of the vestibular (balance) and proprioception (internal awareness of the body) systems, and helps strengthen the immune system.

Children new or experienced to yoga have a wonderful way to explore their bodies, hearts and minds in a joyful and fun way. Children also learn ways to stay calm in all kinds of situations and to access their inner wisdom and centeredness.

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Balance, Auditory, Vision Exercises (Bal-A-Vis-X)

Bal-A-Vis-X is a series of exercises of varied complexity deeply rooted in rhythm, coordination and self-challenge. The exercises are done with heavy, sand-filled bags and racquetballs, and are often performed while standing on a balance board. When learning the exercises, it requires focused attention, develops balance and proprioception, demands cooperation, and promotes self-challenge. It can be incorporated in school and physical education settings, as well as, at home and in private practices. Children and adults claim that Bal-A-Vis-X is very fun and akin to juggling.

Developed by Bill Hubert, Bal-A-Vis-X was created from over 20 years of working with children, teens and adults. There are over 300 various midline movement exercises which help to improve learning and overall function by developing balance and rhythm. They can be simplified and modified to support those with severe special needs.

To find out more or to see examples of some of the Bal-A-Vis-X exercises, visit their website at http://www.bal-a-vis-x.com/exercise.htm

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